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CAD drawing done by Bradley Rautenbach

Technology Innovation

The name 'Parhelion' was inspired from a phenomenon of the sun. It is an atmospheric optical condition where ice crystals within clouds refract and reflect sun light. The common term for this phenomenon is known as "sun dog".

This name is apt because just as the car’s design is centred around optimising energy from sunlight using cutting edge technology. This accompanies the teams desire to push the boundaries of technology and showcase the feasibility of renewable energy in the transport and energy sectors.

Wits second generation solar car will boast a semi-monocoque carbon fiber chassis. This along with latest generation lithium-on batteries will ensure that this car is extremely lightweight. This design approach will require intensive design work along with accurate and meticulous planning. It is a challenge welcomed by the team in its pursuit for victory.


In the spirit of the next design approach, another step away from the first solar car project is that a multi-faculty team now runs the project. The unique challenges that such a project present are not all directly related to the engineering field. A team with varying skills has therefore been assembled to ensure the project is a competitive success.

Vigorous theoretical calculations through computer modelling will be required for this design. Since the technology being used is on the cutting edge, caution must be observed as repairing poorly designed components or altering design post-production is not a feasible option. The design team is currently working on ensuring that all practical details have been considered, finalized, and included in the final design before any components are fabricated.

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